Thursday, 1 August 2013

In Search of Angels

This month while on a family history trip we visited several cemeteries including Port Macquarie General Cemetery as well as East and West Kempsey cemeteries.  As we walked amongst  the graves stones I couldn't help but notice the angels which stood atop of the graves.

We depict the lives of those who once lived through the use of symbols, words and ornate statues. Families of the deceased often choose the most meaningful way to honour their departed loved ones. Angels are among the most visually powerful ways to represent that their loved ones are being watched over.
Whilst walking around these cemeteries with their angels, I was reminded of how much we miss those who have left us, but that they are never alone.

Learning about the many facets of graveyard symbolism is a big task, often I need to refer to the book Stories in Stone or do a Google search, but with angels they speak for themselves.
With outstretched wings they stand and watch over our loved ones for eternity.